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Bast Fibre acquires Germany’s Faser Veredlung

Oct 20, 2021
Bast Fibre acquires Germany’s Faser Veredlung

Bast Fibre Technologies (BFT), a manufacturer of specialty natural fibres for the global nonwoven industry, has acquired Faser Veredlung Tönisvorst (FVT) - an ISO 9001 certified textile processing facility located in Tönisvorst, Germany. This purchase enables BFT to immediately increase capacity to meet customer demand for its sustainable bast fibres and provides a firm platform for expansion and continued growth.

With over twenty years of fibre processing experience, FVT is located within close proximity to major European centres for bast crop cultivation and nonwoven fabric construction. This transaction follows BFT’s strategy of establishing low carbon, regional supply chains by sourcing, producing, and selling within specific regions.

The facility is currently being expanded with the installation of specialty refining equipment specifically designed to optimize natural bast fibres for use in a variety of nonwoven applications. Jim Posa, President, Bast Fibre Technologies, said that, they are excited to have FVT as a part of their company and that FVT has consistently produced the highest quality bast fibres for BFT, so it was a logical step to bring this capability in house.

Using advanced fibre processing technology, Bast Fibre Technologies transforms raw bast fibres from hemp and flax plants to meet the exacting standards required by nonwoven customers. Bast crops are a high biomass annual crop that can alleviate the growing pressure on global forest resources while absorbing carbon, revitalizing soils, and preserving biodiversity.

FVT is an experienced and quality supplier of fibre dyeing, finishing, and blending using environmentally friendly input materials. A focus on sustainability in production and product designs has allowed FVT to successfully position itself in the market and forms an important basis for success at FVT. 

Source: Bast Fibre Press Release

Image Source: Bast Fibre Press Release

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