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Recycling cotton can help Bangladesh to save $500 mn

Jun 18, 2021
Recycling cotton can help Bangladesh to save $500 mn

According to a circular economy group, Bangladesh’s garment industry is able to reduce its spending by half a billion dollar by recycling cotton waste generated by fabric mills and factories. As per the analysis by the Circular Fashion Partnership (CFP), the import of 1.6 million tonnes of cotton at $3.5 billion produced 250,000 tonnes of waste that could be recycled. It was also said that the 100% pure cotton waste could also reduce import by 15%, thereby saving half a billion dollars.

According to Federica Marchionni, CEO, Global Fashion Agenda, as per these findings if a circular fashion system is followed than it will benefit both the environment and financial sector. Holly Syrett, Senior Sustainability Manager, GFA said that the local collectors use cotton waste to fill mattresses or export it to other countries for recycling. She added that by segregating waste and setting up traceability, the aim is to make the textile waste reach its highest value.

According to GFA, the greenhouse gas emissions by the global fashion sector needs to be reduced to half by 2030. It also said that boosting circularity and reducing planet heating emissions work in coordination with each other.

Nin Castle, CFP Partner, said that Bangladesh produces the maximum recyclable textile waste as compared with any other apparel-producing country. He has urged the country to develop a recycling industry to gain competitive edge.

Source – Reuters

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