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REACH4textiles project launched for monitoring textiles

Sep 21, 2021
REACH4textiles project launched for monitoring textiles

Brussels, Belgium

The REACH4texiles project aims at exploring solutions for fair and effective market surveillance on textile products and welcomes collaboration with concerned authorities across the EU Member States.

The two years project will share best practices, identify efficient approaches against non-compliant products, offer training and support for a more effective surveillance and for level playing field.

It has three objectives:

?        Keep non-compliant products away from the single market

?        Increase skills and knowledge

?        support a Network addressing chemicals in textiles and applying the EU regulation


Every year, about 28 billion garments circulate across Europe, 80% of which are imported from outside the EU and its jurisdiction. Such huge volumes pose enormous challenges for market surveillance authorities which are called to ensure that uncompliant dangerous products are kept away from the EU citizens.

The European Union has the world’s most comprehensive chemical legislation to protect consumers, the environment and the competitiveness of the business. Evidence suggests that such advanced regulatory framework is not completed with an equally advanced or effective EU-wide control system capable of ensuring compliance, especially in the case of imported products.

Challenges may include lack of resources, difficulties in identifying higher risk products, cost and management of chemical tests, lack of test methods and knowledge of best practices. More knowledge about the identification of risk bearing textile products and REACH chemicals, etc. can increase the effectiveness of market surveillance considerably. This was the motivation for the REACH4Textiles initiative.

Supported by the European Commission DG Growth, the project team is coordinated by the Belgian test and research center Centexbel, the European Textiles and Apparel industry confederation, EURATEX, the German national textile and fashion association Textile und Mode, T+m, the Italian association Tessile e Salute. Several other European industry associations and national authorities are welcomed to become involved through the project activities. 


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