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Pratibha Syntex bags CO Leaders Award

Jun 10, 2019
Pratibha Syntex bags CO Leaders Award

Pratibha Syntex, the leading textile sector company, has bagged the 2019 CO Leaders Award, leaving behind the fashion industry veterans. Pratibha Syntex has achieved this success among more than 700 applicants across the world. The CO Leaders Award is given to the champions of the textile sector, who have worked to take the fashion industry up beyond the boundaries of creativity. The CO Leaders Award is given by evaluating the functions of the companies that endeavor to connect market to the world class products and services with their new and trending fashion products, which offer environment friendly products as a beneficial deal for the customers.

 On this occasion, the company's managing director, Shreyashkar Chaudhary, said, "We have been selected to set up new trademarks in the fashion industry with our products. This appreciation will motivate us to work hard and to set new dimensions in the fashion world. As the entire spectrum of the fashion industry is being seen in a new way today, we need to update ourselves on a regular basis, so that we can offer those products to our customers, they are expecting from us. Since 2016, we are working on a baseline to reduce 50 per cent consumption of fresh water and 20% of electricity by 2020.”

The CO, the world's most dynamic sourcing and information platform for the fashion industry, works with a perspective of thousands of customers, brands and service providers across the world. In short, the CO Leaders Award is given to those institutions of the industrial sector, which have the courage to do the right thing in the right way. Its undeviating purpose is to highlight the domestic and foreign companies that deliver maximum benefits to their customers with their best products and services and reduce the negative impact on the environment. In the last few years, the number of participants has increased rapidly for the CO Leaders Award.

Pratibha Syntex Limited is a vertically integrated, sustainability oriented manufacturer of knitted textile products, located in Pithampur, near Indore city of Madhya Pradesh. Driven by a strong progressive vision, Pratibha is committed to build relationships in the value chain to bring together 33,000 farmers, 10000 employees and famous global apparel brands of more than 20 countries. Pratibha strengthens the relationships between the customers and the product through the unique design of its clothes, and works for a perfect change in the fashion industry. The company prepares 22,000 tonnes of lint cotton, 20000 tonnes of yarn, 10000 tonnes of cloth and 60 million tonnes of knitted textile products in a year. Pratibha is equipped with various modern management systems related to the water, energy waste, wastewater and other environmentally-sensitive issues.