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Potential for MMF textiles export to Mexico

Nov 24, 2016
Potential for MMF textiles export to Mexico

The Synthetic Textiles & Rayon Export Promotion Council (SRTEPC) is organising participation of member-companies in Intermoda Guadalajara being held from January 17 to 20, 2017 in Mexico. The product range covered include fabrics and yarn; apparels; fashion wear and accessories, and leather garments, etc. The participation charge is Rs.1.90 lakh.
Mexico’s total import of textiles and clothing during 2015 was to the tune of $ 10 billion. Its total import of apparels alone is over $ 3 billion, of which India’s share was only 5.5 per cent. Mexico’s total import of man-made/synthetic textiles was over $5 billion, of which India’s share was only 2 per cent ($102 million). Leading suppliers of textiles to Mexico are USA, China, Taipei, Korea, India, Italy, Canada, etc. As far as total textile and clothing are concerned, major suppliers are China, USA, Bangladesh, Vietnam, India, Indonesia, etc.

Intermoda Guadalajara is the South America’s one of the largest specialised fairs of textiles & garments. Apart from Mexico, leading Buyers from Portugal, Spain, Brazil, Argentina, Venezuela, Colombia, Panama, USA, China, India, South Korea, Peru, Canada, Chile, etc. visit this renowned International Fair. The Fair attracts more than 10,000 businessmen.

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