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Poshmark Inc foray into India

Aug 06, 2021
Poshmark Inc foray into India

Redwood City, Calif

Poshmark Inc has announced that it is going to offer a social, simple, and sustainable shopping experience to India as a part of its expansion plan in the country. As a part of its plan, the company wants Indians to join its community of millions of users in the U.S, Australia, and Canada. In India over 622 million people use the internet and it is also a rapidly growing base of sustainability. With the introduction of an organised, safe, and technologically advanced marketplace like Poshmark, the shoppers and sellers in India will be able to avail attractive offers.

According to Manish Chandra, Founder & CEO, Poshmark, he has deep roots in India, which is why he wants to bring Poshmark to his home country.  He also said that India is an ideal fit for its social commerce model in terms of business perspective and culture. In India, the market opportunity is massive and growing. Here people are socially connected and seek sustainable experience, he added.

The company has also announced the appointment of two new leaders to support its global experience. The first one is Ms. Sylvie De Wever who will join as the first Vice President and General Manager of International affairs, while the second one is Ms. Anuradha Balasubramanian who will be joining as the General Manager of Poshmark. They both are highly experienced in business operations and strategic international expansion. The former has 20 years of experience in scaling and leading global businesses and operations whereas the latter one has 18 years of leadership experience across different sectors like e-commerce, consumer, and ed-tech.

As per Chandra, the team is excited to welcome both these leaders on-board. He also said that this expansion is as close as a personal affair to him and he is so pleased to welcome these two talented ladies to the team. They will play a crucial role in scaling the social shopping community of the company, he added.

Source – Poshmark Newsroom

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