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Polyguard BD 6400, a fluorine-free finishing agent

Aug 01, 2019
Polyguard BD 6400, a fluorine-free finishing agent

Polysistec has recently launched a new Polyguard BD 6400, a fluorine-free water repellent finishing agent, which is applicable on synthetic fibres and their blends. Polysistec is aware of the damage that fluorinated is creating nowadays and, in accordance with this goal, it offers this sustainable replacement. Inside the product  range, the POLYGUARD BD 6400 is an environmentally friendly finish agent fluorinated free, mainly to be applied on synthetic fibres.

Trying to change the traditional mode of working with aggressive chemicals Polysistec prevents the environmental impact with alternatives fluorinated free. This environmentally friendly finish agent is completely effective and capable to repel water on different surfaces. The action of POLYGUARD BD 6400 is totally competitive against the fluorinated water repellent. It can be applied on polyester, polyamide and their blends.

Polysistec started its activities in 1995, initially focusing on the design, manufacture and sale of chemical products for the textile industry. Later in the year 2005 the company began a diversification  strategy  creating  the Industrial Business Unit which offers  products for different sectors. The continued research for new products and applications along with a  policy of sustainability and respect for the environment have led to a progressive and constant presence in markets around the world.

In the facilities of Castellar del Vallès  (Barcelona) R&D developments are
performed in order to respond to each of their clients’ needs. All this combined with the continued assistance provided by our Technical & Sales department, are the basis of the business.