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Pollution Board to set new norms for textile industry

Sep 17, 2019
Pollution Board to set new norms for textile industry

The Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) will develop new standards and emission control norms for the textile industry to cater to the emerging ecological challenges and strengthen environmental compliance.

Under a study that is expected to take about two years, the CPCB, in collaboration with other agencies, private entities and stakeholders, will examine the environmental and technical problems being faced by the textile industry, asses air, water, noise and soil pollution, develop standards that can be achieved techno-economically by the industry and identify optimum pollution control systems.

Textiles sector is the second largest industry and employer in India, making up about 14 per cent of the world’s production. Generating over 20 per cent of the employment in India, it accounts for 27 per cent of India’s foreign exchange earnings and forms 14 per cent of the total industrial production and four per cent of the GDP.

To develop and revise industrial standards and evolve best techniques, the CPCB has also approached German organisations like the Bonn-based German Corporation for International Cooperation and the German Federal Environment Agency.