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OMNIplus Summum-HP airjet for speed

Jun 12, 2018
OMNIplus Summum-HP airjet for speed

The Picanol OMNIplus Summum-HP airjet is built for bottomweights where existing airjets can barely reach 1000 RPM. The need for speed in this range of fabrics is felt especially in developed markets.

At ITMA Milano in 2015, Picanol introduced a High Performance (HP) variant of his successful airjet line, the OMNIplus Summum. Weavers of denim, bottomweights and workwear in particular are looking for machines with higher productivity that can handle medium-heavy fabrics at speeds 10 to 20 per cent higher while maintaining excellent performance levels and low maintenance costs.

In response to this demand Picanol has developed a specialist version without compromising on robustness or ease of operation.

The machine is available in widths of 190 and 220 cm, with the latest positive cam motions, for the most common patterns in these segments, namely 2/2, 3/1 and 2/1. In order to reach stable performance at maximum industrial speeds of 1200 RPM, the HP machine is also equipped with newly designed sley cams, the latest type of hybrid harness frames* and twin-jet main nozzles.

Since its introduction, the US market has responded eagerly to the HP version, with substantial orders from six different reference customers. Indeed most customers have already placed repeat orders.

*The hybrid harness frames are designed and produced within the Picanol Group