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Mumbai firm uses PPE kits to make eco-friendly bricks

Jul 28, 2021
Mumbai firm uses PPE kits to make eco-friendly bricks


Binish Desai has been manufacturing eco-friendly bricks using the pandemic’s non-biodegradable PPE suits and masks.

As per the data, the light grey bricks consist of 52% plastic waste, 40% waste from the paper mill, and the remaining 8% binder gum. According to Desai, he has played with this chewing gum when he was a child and he knows how well it can harden any substance.

His first brick was made with paper mill waste in Valsad and Suraj. After the pandemic, he saw that there was a lot of non-biodegradable waste that was generated from PPE kits and masks. So he came up with “Brick 2.0”. This technology by Desai is now franchised to many other units in the country that includes Khopli in Maharashtra, Bengaluru, and Raipur.

According to Stalin D, Environmentalist, NGO Vanashakti, the government has asked everybody to wear masks but nobody knows what to do with these masks. The masks are floating in the ocean and getting stuck in the corals. As per the Central Pollution Control Board, an average of 132 tonnes of Covid 19 biomedical waste is being produced in India daily. Considering the toxic nature of biomedical waste, the government has come up with strict guidelines for the collection and disposal of waste. The waste from homes and companies falls under grey areas.

Source – The Times of India

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