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Only a few Indian PPE manufacturers are BIS certified

May 25, 2021
Only a few Indian PPE manufacturers are BIS certified

New Delhi

Many PPE manufacturers in India have shared concerns regarding the safety protocols being followed in the making of PPE kits. Many manufacturers either don’t have BIS certification or lack testing labs on their premises.

According to Hemant Sapra, President, The Safety Appliances for Manufacturers Association, out of 253 manufacturers, only 55 have BIS certification and 10% have testing labs. As per Pravesh Chopra, a manufacturer and exporter, the virgin plastic that is used to make PPE kits is 100% waterproof but some manufacturers use low-grade plastic.

As per Dr Ajay Kaul, a Cardiologist, these low-quality gloves and kits tear easily, the fabric is fragile, and may leak body fluids if the material is not water-resistant. If the kit is not worn properly, it might affect healthcare workers adversely, said Dr Shahaji Deshmukh, Dean, Bhartiya Vidyapeeth Medical College.  He also added that the low-quality kits are ill-fitted and might cause contamination through hands. The front zip should be designed in such a way that it is easier to wear and take off.

It is believed that the government is taking necessary measures to rectify the situation. The traders who don’t have a lab will have to make one by the end of this year; otherwise, their BIS certification won’t be renewed.

Source – The Times of India

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