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Minister discloses Maha 5-year silk plan

Nov 05, 2018
Minister discloses Maha 5-year silk plan

Arjun Khotkar, Minister of State for Textiles,  Maharashtra said that Maharashtra, which currently lags in silk production, will become the exporter of silk in the next 5 years. This is due to the new textile policy of the government which provides various incentives and support for the promotion of the sector.

Speaking at the 10th edition of Annual Textile conference ‘FICCI-TAG 2018’, Arjun said, “Currently we import 8000 metric tons of raw silk due to higher demand and shortage of silk production in India, however, Maharashtra alone will be able to wipe out this deficit and export raw silk in next 4-5 years”. He added that “After the huge success of Nandgaonpeth Textile Park in Amaravati, Maharashtra government will set up nine more textile parks in the state on the theme of cotton to cloth, farm to fashion, which will be engines of job creation in the state”. 

Ajit B Chavan, Secretary and CEO, Textiles Committee said “Climbing up the quality value chain and ensuring complete compliance to domestic and international requirements of sustainability is the only key to success for the Textiles industry of India. The sooner industry learns and accepts it; faster would be the process of harnessing its rightful potential.”

Dr M R Ravi, Commissioner for Textile Development and Director of Handlooms and Textiles, Government of Karnataka shared the Karnataka Government’s initiatives with regard to the development of textile and garment sector and how the incentives and benefits of an upcoming textile policy of Karnataka will strengthen the Textile industry in Karnataka.

Arjun Khotkar also released the FICCI-Wazir Advisors report on Building a New Age Textile Industry during the seminar. The report outlines the need for achieving growth through innovation & technology and Aligning Textile Value Chain with Global Demand for increasing share of India’s export in total global trade.