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MindSphere scope in connectivity expanded

Apr 22, 2017
MindSphere scope in connectivity expanded

Siemens is driving forward the expansion of its cloud-based open IoT operating system MindSphere with new partnerships, new apps and extended connectivity. The company will be joining forces with its partners at the Hannover Messe to showcase around 50 apps providing a range of new functions such as reducing security risks or improving the availability of connected machines and plants.

Visitors to the trade fair booth will have the opportunity to discover a wide range of MindSphere applications and practical examples taken from across different branches of industry – from the manufacturing and process industries through to smart power distribution. Siemens will be showcasing these and other innovations in the “MindSphere Lounge” together with existing partners such as Atos, Accenture, Evosoft, SAP and Microsoft alongside its newly gained partners Amazon Web Services and Bluvision.

Also featured at the Siemens booth will be extended scope for even faster, simpler connection of machines and plants to MindSphere, including a new program library and a router with integrated MindSphere connectivity. Once connected to MindSphere, enormous volumes of data can be rapidly and efficiently analysed and weak spots identified, allowing companies to significantly improve the performance and availability of their plants with minimal effort. A future “Drive System Analyzer” app, for instance, will allow damage to a drive train to be detected at an early stage through data analysis. This will not only improve efficiency and plant availability for users, but also optimize maintenance and servicing activity. Another Siemens app, “KeepSecure!”, is a management tool for automation and control systems which allows users to detect potential threats, security breaches and anomalies more quickly, and informs them about possible fixes and workarounds such as security patches.