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Mimaki unveils direct-to-textile inkjet printer

Oct 28, 2016
Mimaki unveils direct-to-textile inkjet printer

Mimaki Engineering Co Ltd, a leading global manufacturer of wide format inkjet printers and cutting plotters, has launched ‘Tx300P-1800B’, a new 1.8 m wide, entry model belt-type direct-to-textile inkjet printer for the textile and apparel industry. This new printer targets mainly various types of textile, especially sheer and elastic textile.

With the new ‘Tx300P-1800B’ printer, steaming and washing processes for cotton and hemp-based textiles is no longer required and relatively simple thermal printer with pigment can be installed. Thus, large space for installation of steaming and washing equipment is substantially reduced and on-demand production can be easily made. Moreover, the belt type transportation equipment makes printing on thick and elastic textile a stable reality. The new printer employs a new printhead that achieves high-quality and beautiful print in high gap setting on thick or raised fibre surface.

Free from head troubles, the new model allows various types of ink such as reactive dye, sublimation dye, acid dye, disperse dye inks and allows printing on cotton, silk, linen, and rayon. The new printer model achieves an outstanding stability printing technology for sheer, knit, and elastic materials demand in the textile and apparel market.