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MFR FC ideal for finishing & coating of tape

Dec 08, 2017
MFR FC ideal for finishing & coating of tape

The Switzerland-based Jakob Muller’s MFR FC is ideally suited to both tape finishing and coating on one side. The new machine is also extremely compact, fast and economic. In the new MFR FC, the tapes run over the drum of a lick roll unit, which applies a one-sided coating from underneath.

 During one-sided finishing, the limited application of the chemical concentration results in a reduction in drying costs and also facilitates higher production speeds. Nonetheless, in the case of thin tapes, complete material penetration is attained. The level of penetration can be controlled by means of both the machine settings and the viscosity of the finishing chemicals. Standard equipment may be employed for drying.
During coating, the paste is applied on one side and the coating can be prevented from penetrating to the other side of the material through the appropriate adjustments to the recipe, viscosity and machine parameters. Low drying costs and fast production speeds also result during coating. The material with single-sided coating then runs through a special drying and fixing unit with one-sided material guidance

The MFR FC offers an extensive range of applications that includes all types of non-elastic tapes and in particular, hook and loop, velvet and composite items. Elastic tapes can also be processed, however pre-trials are recommended.

Some of the finishing and coating effects that can be achieved with the MFR FC are as follows: Filling and stiffening finishing; Soft feel finishing; Reverse side coating;     Antistatic finishing; Hydrophobic finishing; Hydrophilic finishing; Special effects for technical articles (eg, Flame protection, anti-IR, heat protection, etc)