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Maskco Technologies and Gredale form joint venture

Jul 09, 2021
Maskco Technologies and Gredale form joint venture


Maskco Technologies and Gredale, LLC announced a joint venture distribution agreement for their MTech Respirators for two years.  As per the agreement, Gredale, LLC, a Los Angeles-based manufacturer of medical-grade isolation gowns and distributor of personal protection equipment, is going to distribute MTech Respirators upon certification by NIOSH and will carry the N95 designation in 17 states.

As per Scott H. Weissman, CEO, Maskco Technologies, Gredale is an ideal partner for Maskco Technologies as it is one of the fastest-growing personal protection equipment distributors in the USA. He also said that Gredale has also agreed to follow the policies of the company related to the type of entities that are allowed to purchase the MTech Respirator. He also said that the company is happy to have a partner who is capable enough to keep strict controls over the sale of the respirators and can also ensure that they do not end up in the hands of those who may try to resell at inflated prices.

According to Aaron Zeri, CSO, Gredale, Maskco Technologies will leverage its technological ‘know-how’ and ‘operation execution’ to bring manufacturing back to the USA and will be still competitive with its prices.

The two companies have also agreed to cooperate with Maskco Technologies' other partner, SharperTek, for developing new textiles for use in future versions of the MTech Respirators.

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