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Less demand for textile hits rubber roll industry

May 29, 2021
Less demand for textile hits rubber roll industry

With textile industry badly hit by Covid 19, the demand for rubber rollers used in textile processing and fabric unit is reportedly going down. According to reports, the production of rubber rollers for textile processing units has reduced to half of what it was before the pandemic.

D P Singh, an entrepreneur in Amritsar, said that with the restrictions in travel and parties, the mobility of people has been affected due to which the demand for costly fabric has decreased as well. He said that the industrialists have to bring down the production of high-end fabric, which in turn, has curbed the demand for rubber rollers.

Even though the demand was low, the prices of raw materials increased during the past few months.

DP Singh also said that long-term planning has massively suffered and the industrialists are fighting to tackle day-to-day problems, so, there is hardly any scope for research and development. He added that the industry is at a point where it cannot think of new expansion or upgrade as capacity utilisation is already as low as 50 percent. He is also worried about the sustainable environment and feels that everybody should think about environmental sustainability in manufacturing activities.  He said that if mankind plays with nature, it will in turn harm mankind.

The big industrialized states like Gujarat and Maharashtra are greatly affected by the coronavirus so the orders from these states have dropped. Overall, as the demand for textiles has dropped, rubber roll manufacturers are suffering.

Source – The Tribune

Image Source: indiamart

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