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LENZING redefined as speciality industrial brand

Jul 17, 2018
LENZING redefined as speciality industrial brand

The Lenzing Group (Lenzing at Techtextil Atlanta, on May 22, 2018, introduced LENZING as the specialty industrial brand, which provides smart solutions from botanic origins that are made in environmentally sound production processes. The LENZING brand covers a broad range of industrial applications ranging from agriculture to engineered products, packaging to protective wear and workwear. Also, the product brand LENZING will be positioned for the biorefinery business.

“To remain competitive in a constantly evolving business environment, Lenzing has decided to embark on a bold new course and adopt a new branding strategy that will enable us to simplify our brand portfolio, better protect and defend our trademarks, and minimize inefficiencies and inconsistencies. The new branding strategy builds on the key pillars of our Core TEN strategy as we continue to strengthen our existing expertise in specialty fibers, innovate with customers and partners, and bring breakthrough technologies to the market,” said Robert van de Kerkhof, Chief Commercial Officer of Lenzing Group. “By redefining the LENZING brand, we can focus our efforts on solving tomorrow’s challenges with smart solutions from botanic origins that are inspired by the needs of the world.”

LENZING is a distinctive product brand that caters to the specific needs of Lenzing’s customers who focus on industrial applications. Branded offers of the LENZING brand portfolio includes:

  • LENZING for Protective Wear, which is enabled by inherently flame-resistant and breathable LENZING FR fibres which are produced in eco-responsible production process. Applications of LENZING for protective wear include firefighting usage, military and police usage, electric arc protection, metal splash protection, oil and gas industry usage, as well as motor sports;
  • LENZING for workwear features adoption of LENZING Lyocell and LENZING Modal fibres to create fabrics suitable for range of everyday consumer needs. Both fibres are produced via sustainable processes and are compostable and biodegradable, gentle on skin and strong, ensuring comfort, durability and regulates body temperature;
  • LENZING for packaging features usage of LENZING Lyocell and LENZING Modal fibres to provide sustainable solutions certified for food contact compliance. Applications can be found in tea bags, coffee pads, botanic nets, and reusable bags;
  • LENZING for agriculture is enabled by LENZING Lyocell fibres that are certified for food contact compliance, strong, biodegradable and compostable. Key application of LENZING for agriculture include farming ropes for agriculture and horticulture;
  • LENZING for engineered products include adoption of LENZING Lyocell and LENZING Modal fibres to provide solutions for technical applications including electrical separators, filter media, coated fabrics;
  • LENZING for biorefinery and co-products offer a series of bio-based products, which make a major contribution to the optimum utilization of sustainably grown wood resources used in integrated cellulose and fiber production. Key offerings include food-grade LENZING Biobased Acetic Acid, LENZING Biobased Furfural, LENZING Biobased Magnesium-Lignosulphonate and LENZING Sodium Sulphate.
“In recent years, we have noticed a growing trend among industry partners to enhance transparency in value chain and drive sustainability by the increasing use of renewable raw materials. The launch of a unique brand for industrial applications enables us to address these trends by fostering greater collaboration between Lenzing and global customers and partners,” said Bernard Alowonou, VP Global Business Management Industrial Applications, Lenzing.” Driving industrial application innovation, turning CO2 and sunlight into highly functional products is at our hearts. This combined with our existing and new partnerships allows us to be an epitome for promoting the circular economy”. Following the introduction of TENCEL, Lenzing’s specialty brand for apparel and home applications and VEOCEL, the Group’s specialty nonwovens brand earlier this year, the introduction of LENZING specialty industrial brand completes the product brand architecture of the Lenzing Group.