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Lanxess hikes Emerald Innovation 3000 FR capacity

Jun 13, 2017
Lanxess hikes Emerald Innovation 3000 FR capacity

Speciality chemicals group LANXESS has announced the successful completion of a project which increases the capacity of its Emerald Innovation 3000 flame retardant production unit. The debottlenecking project increases the sustainable output from 10,000 to 14,000 MT per year.

Polystyrene insulating foam makers are switching from using HBCD (hexabromcyclododecan) flame retardants to more sustainable alternatives such as LANXESS Emerald Innovation 3000. “About 50 per cent of global demand has already adopted the new technology,” says Anno Borkowsky, Head of LANXESS’s Additives business unit (ADD). The business with Emerald Innovation 3000 was taken over by LANXESS as part of the acquisition of US company Chemtura, which was successfully completed in April 2017.

“With global commitment from foam producers to eliminate HBCD use by 2021, the polymeric brominated flame retardant supply base must be capable of supporting necessary customer conversion and certification activities over the next few years with sufficient supply and technical support,“ explains John Davidson, EVP bromine solutions business with ADD. “LANXESS is committed to helping customers switch and to further increasing the reliable supply of the most sustainable technology for construction markets.”

Emerald Innovation 3000 is manufactured at LANXESS’s El Dorado, Arkansas (USA) facilities. Recently announced was the opening of a new 11,000 square-foot pilot plant at the company’s South Plant facility which will support development of new and improved flame retardant products.