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Kenyan apparel exports to US on the rise

Oct 05, 2016
Kenyan apparel exports to US on the rise

American imports of women’s trousers and shorts from Kenya rose 23.5 per cent in the first half of the current year. Women’s trousers accounted for nearly a third of the value of clothes imported by the US from Kenya, having grown by 12.6 per cent. However, imports of women’s skirts from Kenya dropped 43 per cent and that of women’s blouses also dropped four per cent.

Imports of men’s trousers and shorts in the first half of the year grew 16.6 per cent. Exports of women’s trousers from Kenya to the US have grown 44 per cent over the past three years. Kenya is among the sub-Saharan African countries which can export goods to the US tax-free. It is looking to further improve exports to the US.

Textiles and apparel account for over 80 per cent of Kenya’s total exports to the US. An export processing zone is coming up in Kenya and investors are offered a 10-year corporate and withholding tax holiday, value added tax and stamp duty exemptions and utility connections.