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Keep your feet cool and comfortable under the summer sun!

Feb 04, 2015
Keep your feet cool and comfortable under the summer sun!

Spring is here and the sun shines down on us! Along with the bright and beautiful, summer brings out the best of the colours and hues. Summer calls for holidays, sunset picnics, bike rides, sailing, early morning jogs and swimming. It also warns of the oncoming heat!
In a country where temperatures tend to soar during summer season, be sure to stock up your sun block, cotton clothes and of course your cool, comfortable Mustang socks!
Cotton socks are great during summer as they are soft on your skin and facilitate easy breathability. This keeps your feet dry and cool. Known for its durability and soft, high quality fabric, Mustang socks are sure to last you long after summer sets. So whether you want to play a sport, work or hit the gym, these socks are a must-have to beat the heat.
Speaking about this collection, Lubeina Shahpurwala, Co-Founder, Mustang Socks and Accessories, says, “We at Mustang Socks believe that socks have a unique ability of enhancing and representing a person’s personality. And what better season to show your fun, unique personality than to wear unique, comfy socks! We had a lot of fun designing these socks for you, and we hope you have fun wearing them too!”
Along with comfort, added bonuses of your Mustang summer socks are its vibrant, colourful look! Wear it to a summer pool party or on the beach with your neon shorts - you will find the socks to match your outfit. Be it a cool, button down T-shirt, or a pretty summer dress, your stylish socks will just enhance your seasonal look. So slip into your trendy summer socks and go for a run, a drive or just to a sunset party – and look great while doing it!