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KARL MAYER, A.T.E. organise technical symposium on PROSIZE

Jul 28, 2018
KARL MAYER, A.T.E. organise technical symposium on PROSIZE

KARL MAYER and A.T.E. jointly organised a technical symposium in Coimbatore on June 23, 2018 to explain the concepts behind PROSIZE - a breakthrough innovation in sizing technology for efficient and ecological sizing.

While KARL MAYER’s sizing machines have been a preferred choice all over the world for many years, PROSIZE’s resounding success has taken everyone by surprise. Within a short span of three years since introduction, more than 100 PROSIZE machines are in the field all over the world, with India having the highest installed base of 30 machines. This is due to breakthrough innovations of PROSIZE that are revolutionising sizing.

Navin Agrawal, Business Head, Fabric Forming division of A.T.E.’s Textile Engineering Group, made a detailed presentation on the PROSIZE technology, in which he explained the features and benefits of this technology over its predecessor.

PROSIZE offers various benefits such as up to 10 per cent lower consumption of the sizing recipe, much higher yarn coverage zone in the size box, higher production rate, and increased weaving efficiency that has truly set PROSIZE apart from any other technology.

With a large number of PROSIZE machines successfully in operation in India, Agrawal also shared some of the encouraging feedback from the customers highlighting the benefits of PROSIZE in their sizing departments and loom sheds.

Besides the complete consultative sales support provided by A.T.E., Karl Mayer has a full-fledged service set-up in India to provide complete after-sales services, including training to the machine operators at the mills. Dr Pawan Kumar Singh, the Managing Director of Karl Mayer India, stressed that the endeavour of KARL MAYER has always been to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

More than 100 participants from large weaving and textile mills in South India, mainly from Coimbatore, Erode, Palladam, Madurai and Namakkal, attended the event. The impressive turnout for the symposium and the interest the PROSIZE technology generated among the participants are precursors to the keenness of the industry to go for this breakthrough technology in a big way.