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Kanchan India receives Schlafhorst 2.5 millionth Autoconer Spindle

Dec 09, 2016
Kanchan India receives Schlafhorst 2.5 millionth Autoconer Spindle

The German textile machinery manufacturer Schlafhorst is proud to have reached a notable milestone: the first quarter of 2017 will see Autoconer winding unit number 2.5 million enter operation. At INDIA ITME, Schlafhorst held a small celebration at the Saurer exhibition booth to mark the handover of this milestone winding unit to the India-based company Kanchan India Ltd.

When series production of the Autoconer 107 was launched in 1962, this kicked off the age of automatic package winding. Even during its 1959 preview appearance at ITMA in Milan, its revolutionary concept thrilled the specialists from the textile industry. Since then, the Autoconer name has been synonymous with automatic package winding and its packages have represented the global benchmark. Each new product generation of the Autoconer has excelled with groundbreaking innovations. 

Revolutionary splice technologies, innovative sensors and control systems, the unique FX technologies and intelligent automation systems have become the standard for the textile industry thanks to Schlafhorst. The latest product generation, the Autoconer 6, boasts E³ certification and therefore delivers a triple helping of added value in the areas of energy, economics and ergonomics for spinning mills the world over. The company's order books are full, demonstrating that Schlafhorst continues to have its finger on the pulse of the industry.

(More details of Saurer in the forthcoming ITJ issues)