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Indonesian export to France moves up

Oct 06, 2016
Indonesian export to France moves up

The export value of textiles and textile products (TPT) from Indonesia to France for the first half of 2016 reached US $ 46.52 million, taking Indonesia as the 8th position in the European region.

The European Union he said, seeks to stem the flood of Chinese textiles after the end to textile quotas since 2005. "It's an opportunity for Indonesia to prove the quality of our products and become an alternative raw material supply textiles for the French fashion industry," say sources. 

France is the center of world fashion and apparel manufacturer with high quality. Fashion show, both on a small scale and internationally prestigious, regularly held in various cities in France, especially Paris. The export value of Indonesia continues to move upward. 

In 2015, demand for raw material supply garments to France reached US $ 28.81 million.