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Indian textile industry to adopt wastewater management

May 21, 2021
Indian textile industry to adopt wastewater management

Bengaluru, Karnataka

Centre for Responsible Business and Alliance For Water Stewardship and Water Management Forum recently organised a workshop to share the benefits of wastewater management in the textile industry. During the workshop, the panelists also discussed different aspects like scheme initiatives, policy recommendations, waterwaste use, and sustained action on water management by the textile industry in the country. They also discussed that there is a need to raise awareness on topics like water stewardship, incentives, and policies related to the issue of water conservation in the textile industry. It was also suggested that the hybrid annuity model-based sewage treatment plant used in Haridwar and Sarai can be replicated in the textile industry as well.

As per Upendra Prasad Singh, Secretary, Minister of Textiles, wastewater management is very important for the survival of the textile industry. He also said that industry should invest in green technologies that conserve water. According to the report by WRI, India was ranked as the 13th most water-stressed country. Indian textile industry alone uses 425,000,000 gallons of water daily. Concerns like excessive water usage, water contamination, and water pollution need to be taken care of. According to Rijit Sengupta, CEO, CRB, businesses should integrate sustainability in their core operations.

The textile industry in India should adopt a water conservation model by following clean water techniques, effective mechanisms to reuse water, and incentives for automation of machinery. The industry should be well-aware of the policies and how it can offer cost benefits. Cross-sectoral learnings also play a vital role in tracking technological developments. In the long term, it is suggested that a collaborative approach will help better water management in the textile sector.

Source: India Education Diary

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