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India aims to increase silk production

Feb 27, 2017
India aims to increase silk production

India is expected to be self-sufficient in silk production by 2020 with an annual growth rate of 19 per cent, and the aim is to produce around 34,000 metric tonne (MT). At present the output is 28,000 MTs to 30,000 MTs and the production is growing year to year, said Central Silk Board Chairman, KM Hanumantharayappa.

China produces 80 per cent of global silk output, while India’s share is 13 per cent, and the production in other countries account for the remaining 7 per cent. If India can continue this momentum, the country can aim to stop imports from China and produce that much in three-four years. Silk imports have come down to 3,500 MT now from about 6,500 MT.

China produces only mulberry, but India produces other varieties, including Tasar and Muga, he said. The State governments can also pitch in to increase silk production by supporting farmers through monetary benefits and through other means, in this the Board would also help the cause.