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IICT developed membrane-based face masks in high demand

Aug 13, 2021
IICT developed membrane-based face masks in high demand


CSIR-Indian Institute of Chemical Technology (IICT) is working on re-purposed drugs and is trying to make Covaxin to combat COVID-19. Other than this, it is also doing innovative work to make comfortable face masks.

Though a wide variety of face masks are available in the market like cloth, surgical, N-95, etc, IICT scientists are trying to make four-layered cotton cloth masks. According to S. Sridhar, Senior Principal Scientist, last March the director of the institute S. Chandrasekhar started designing a protective and reusable face mask so that single-use masks can be replaced. This will help to reduce pollution. He also said that the SaanS mask was ready within two months with two different hydrophobic layers sandwiched between two textile layers.

The team has used membrane modules as the second layer to repel respiratory droplets that carry the virus with the first layer being 100% cotton. The next layer is the non-woven hydrophobic polypropylene barrier that has a high contact angle of 120 degrees to create minimum critical pressure as a barrier. It also helps to prevent aqueous aerosols from entering the human respiratory system.

According to Pradosh Chakraborti and M. Chandrasekharam, Senior Principal Scientists, these reusable masks are made using scientifically tested materials to prevent the entry of small particles, harmful microbes, aerosols, and other air-borne pollutants. The masks also offer high air permeability and comfort.

Source – The Hindu

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