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Hyosung launches functional fibres

Jan 25, 2017
Hyosung launches functional fibres

Hyosung, a manufacturer of specialty fibres from South Korea, participated in the Outdoor Retailer Winter Market 2017 held in the US from January 10 to 12 in a joint booth, with several South Korean small and mid sized companies. Its various business divisions like the nylon polyester division and spandex division introduced new and innovative fibres at the show.

The nylon polyester fibre division launched many high functional nylon and polyester fibres, of which Aeroheat is a heat generating polyester that emits thermal energy by absorbing lights with mineral substances to manufacture winter clothing like fleece and leggings.

Aqua-X, a nylon fibre is meant for summer outdoor clothing, as it effectively absorbs heat and blocks UV rays, while Robic is a high strength, durable and wear resistant textile yarn for uses in applications like bags, working clothes and sewing yarns. On the other hand, the spandex business division displayed fabrics, manufactured from yarns blended with nylon, polyester and spandex fibres.