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Hyderabad entrepreneur develops innovative fabric

Aug 19, 2021
Hyderabad entrepreneur develops innovative fabric

Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh

To provide clean, sustainable, and eco-friendly fabric, a Hyderabad-based entrepreneur, Deepthi Nathala, has developed Hecoll that can be used to make a range of products.

Hecoll can be used to make baby wraps, patient gowns, and headgear for bikers, masks, etc. Infants and caregivers are most prone to infections and diseases. This cotton fabric promises to kill most variants of virus and bacteria, fights pollution and UV rays.

Deepthi is an IIT-Madras alumnus in Nanotechnology and has worked in the corporate field for many years. She is the founder of Dibbu Solutions that makes the Hecoll fabric and moved to India after working in countries like the US and Saudi Arabia. She observed that many people were using dupattas and handkerchiefs to protect themselves from pollution and heat. According to her, this is proven to protect from only 10% of UV rays and air pollution while the new fabric provides 95% protection from pollution, 99% protection from UV rays, and kills viruses and bacteria immediately.

The initial process of making the fabric, according to her, was to make face masks and headgears, but she realised that the fabric can be more useful in making baby wraps and patient gowns for caregivers not just at hospitals but also at homes.

Bulk order manufacturing is done through third-party vendors, the entrepreneur has a team of trained women workers who can make small orders for their Amazon and direct-to-consumer orders.

Deepthi said that, currently, they are a bootstrapped company and are on the lookout for funds.

Sources: Telengana Today

Image Sources: Google Images

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