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Huntsman develops TPU for laminating technical textiles

Aug 04, 2021
Huntsman develops TPU for laminating technical textiles

Woodlands, Texas

The producers of technical textiles who manufacture high-performance fabrics for outdoor clothing and other consumer and industrial applications can now use thermoplastic polyurethane due to Huntsman.

IROGRAN® A 85 P 4394 HR is a versatile elastomer that can be added to polyester and nylon materials in order to give them a durable, waterproof, and protective layer. It is designed so that it can be used to manufacture performance garments so that the wearers can be protected from the outside elements when they experience outdoor adventures. This TPU can also give clothing items like raincoats a highly durable finish and softness.

The high tensile strength, extruded films that are made from IROGRAN® A 85 P 4394 HR TPU can help in the recovery of the materials that are used to increase longevity. Other features offered by the TPU are tear-resistance and good levels of abrasion. This makes the fabric ideal for bladder applications and also helps in the manufacturing of tension fabrics.

IROGRAN® A 85 P 4394 HR TPU also delivers performance benefits and offers considerable processing advantages over traditional textile laminating TPUs. It has a high melt strength which makes it very stable during production. It is also less like to break during processing which further enables the manufacturers to improve their production. This further helps the manufacturers to reduce waste and keep their costs down.

According to Trent Shidaker, Global Marketing Director, Elastomers at Huntsman, the team has vast experience in the development of TPUs for textile lamination. He said that TPUs have been developed with the textile customers of the company and have offered improvements over previous generation technologies in terms of production efficiency, reducing manufacturing waste, and durability. He said that the customers also get excited when they are told that the company has managed to enhance the properties of the grade in its melted state without compromising the final performance attributes. He also commented that the company is getting a lot of inquiries from potential customers across the world for textile laminating applications.

The films that are made of IROGRAN® A 85 P 4394 HR TPU can have different surface finishes, gloss, smooth or matte effects,  depending upon their end-applications. The well-established family of elastomer products from Huntsman has the latest addition through IROGRAN® A 85 P 4394 HR TPU. The elastomer products are known for their performance in textile applications.

Strategically speaking, IROGRAN® A 85 P 4394 HR TPU is made at Huntsman Polyurethanes elastomers manufacturing facility located in Ringwood Illinois. Huntsman Corporation has a registered trademark over IROGRAN. Huntsman Corporation 2020 revenue was recorded at $6 billion. The company operates in more than 70 R&D, operations, and manufacturing facilities in around 30 countries, it hires around 9000 associates within four distinct business divisions.

Source – Press release of "Huntsman"

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