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Huge demand for semi-stitched garments

Oct 30, 2017
Huge demand for semi-stitched garments

Entrepreneurs are foraying into the manufacturing of semi-stitched garments, which are in huge demand in key consumer centres across the country like Delhi, Punjab, Haryana, West Bengal, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra and even abroad.

From just a few units of semi-stitched ladies garments some eight years ago, the city now boasts of more than 250 units employing over 62,000 garment workers. The units have been manufacturing semi-stitched suit dupattas and salwar kameez with exquisite designs. Industry sources said that the monthly output of the units is pegged at over four lakh garments. The unit owners have been hiring professional designers from Mumbai, Kolkata and Delhi for manufacturing exquisite garments based on the current trends in the country and abroad.

Dinesh Zaveri, owner of a composite unit manufacturing salwar kameez and suit dupatta, said, “There is huge scope for business in the semi-stitched garment segment. Since the past couple of years, the trend of semi-stitched garments has picked up as customers like to further stitch their garments according to their body posture, size and length. Most of our semi-stitched or half-stitched garments like salwar kameez, suit dupatta, etc, are selling on online platforms. Off late, many weaving unit owners have forayed into the semi-stitched segment as profit margins are quite good.”

Ramesh Punjabi, another manufacturer of semi-stitched garments, said, “Around 80 per cent of my salwar kameez and suit dupatta items are supplied to Delhi and Punjab. Gone are the days when women would purchase plain fabric. Now it is time for semi-stitched garments.”