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Hohenstein develops testing innovations

Nov 02, 2016
Hohenstein develops testing innovations

Hohenstein is bringing new product testing innovations to apparel retailers. The product compliance testing company will debut new product testing technologies, including a 3D scanner for size matching, at the IFAI Expo Testing Demo Zone in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Considering that today’s functional textile items outpace the standardised tests that evaluate them, Hohenstein offers apparel retailers innovative analysis of a product’s performance benefits from the consumer’s perspective. With Hohenstein’s new product technologies, apparel retailers will remain relevant and continue delivering the best clothing to their valued global consumers.

“This year we are going to show a 3D sizing system, more or less a portable 3D scanner for less than $1,000, which helps you to correctly dress people and measure the size of garments with people,” said Dr Jan Beringer, Head – Development in Hohenstein’s Department of Function and Care.