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High raw material price hurts textile units in Amritsar

Jul 30, 2021
High raw material price hurts textile units in Amritsar


The textile industry in Amritsar is facing a challenge of high raw material cost and low demand due to the current situation of Covid-19.

As there has been an increase in the price of the products by yarn spinners and manufacturers of dyes and chemicals, the cost of textile manufacturing has also increased. The prices of products have been increased by 50 to 100%. More than 1000 textile units are there in the district that are engaged in manufacturing blazers, blankets, shawls, tweed, shirting, and suiting. More than thousands of skilled and unskilled workers are given employment. 

The textile industry stands second after agriculture in terms of providing employment. The industry is battling the crisis posed by demonetisation and GST.  The demand for textiles has been adversely affected due to the rise in the prices of the final product because of the increase in prices of input costs on raw materials like dyes, chemicals, and yarns.

As per Kamal Dalmia, running a yarn processing unit for the past many years, China is a major exporter of the ingredients that are used in the manufacturing of the final products in the textile industry. China also offers these products at a reasonable price.

As per Deepak Bajaj, operating a unit of dyeing and printing of textile, the prices of dyes and chemicals have increased by 25 to 30% now.

Source – The Tribune

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