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HeiQ empowered tri-suit for athletes

Oct 11, 2017
HeiQ empowered tri-suit for athletes

The Swiss technology innovator HeiQ sponsored the cutting-edge triathlon suits of the Super League Jersey Island athletes recently to help the MaccaNow Foundation fight cancer. This HeiQ empowered tri-suit was innovated in partnership with the Italian technical fabric speciality mill Taiana and the market leader in made-to-measure sports apparel to achieve a state-of-the-art high-performance race gear that provides ideal support during the triathlon.

On 23-24th of September the second Super League triathlon took place on Jersey Island. The Super League is introducing a brand new, fast-paced triathlon format to catch the interest of the broader sports entertainment landscape. This fresh triathlon format is shorter, sharper, faster, action-packed and even more entertaining, aiming at reaching millions of people worldwide. During the Super League Jersey event, HeiQ sponsored the triathlon suits for the athletes who entered the corporate relay to support the MaccaNow Foundation.

The suit material was co-innovated with HeiQ’s Italian fabric mill partner Taiana and contains versatile Swiss HeiQ finishing technology. Taiana’s special woven structure gives the stretch fabric extreme ratio between weight and compression. HeiQ’s secret finishing was applied to further reduce chafing, allow for quick drying and improve hydro- and aerodynamic properties. While HeiQ and Taiana handled the fabric manufacture, MaccaNow sponsor REGNA handled the garment making and tailored each suit to its wearer.

The truly special characteristic of this HeiQ empowered tri-suit is the combination of multiple top-notch features. HeiQ’s Chief Operating Officer Paolo Savi adds, “I’m confident that the suits fulfilled the athletes’ high expectations and demands on high-performance gear.” The hydro- and aerodynamic drag of the fabric is reduced through surface structure modification at a microscopic level. As a result, the adhesion of water to the fabric is minimized enabling the triathletes to swim, run and bike faster.

This special HeiQ finishing also smoothens the yarn’s surface, further improving friction reduction and abrasion resistance to help athletes protect from chafing and friction-derived injuries. The secret finishing makes the fabric extremely hydrophobic, thus wicking and drying occurs very quickly to avoid wetting out.