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Gucci launched Indian kurta inspired kaftan collection

Jun 03, 2021
Gucci launched Indian kurta inspired kaftan collection

New Delhi

Gucci, a luxury fashion brand of Italy, has launched its new collection of printed, silk, and linen kaftans inspired by Indian kurtas. The kaftans are designed with a traditional neckline and tassels. Gucci has also been inspired by different cultures, like many other brands, but this time it derived its inspiration from Indian wear. Though it launched kaftans in 1996, its latest kaftan collection has an element of Indian kurta and patterns of embroidery.

A Kaftan is a piece of clothing that looks like a robe or tunic and originated in Asia. The brand’s new collection ranges from $2100 to $3500 which is too expensive for a Kaftan but this step by the brand has infused Indian heritage with international fashion.

The description of the product on the website of the brand, says that the Kaftan is an integral part of aesthetics but has evolved in new materials and modern designs this time. The dress is influenced by the 60s and 70s era. The fabric used is lightweight and the layering is unique.

If the sources are to be believed, it is not the first time that Indian culture has inspired a high-priced luxury brand. The Milan fashion week 2018, showcased a model from Gucci walking on the runway in a Sikh turban.

Source – DNA India

Image Source: Wikipedia

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