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Green pledge set out by Asos and Primark

Sep 21, 2021
Green pledge set out by Asos and Primark

Asos and Primark have announced new sustainability commitments at affordable prices. Asos wants to achieve a net-zero impact while Primark’s clothes will be made using sustainable material.

The retailer wants to halve carbon emissions across its operations. But critics feel that they won’t be able to achieve these goals as the fast-fashion supply chains often lack transparency. Asos has also set out new environmental and social targets including-

?        Reducing carbon emissions which are generated by the production of clothes.

?        Keeping the customers informed about the supply chain

?        To ensure that all brand products are made from sustainable materials by 2030.

?        The new workforce will be more diverse and will include 50% female leadership.

According to Nick Beighton, chief executive, Asos, the team needs to work with its partners so that no additional costs are incurred. He also added that he is expecting more customers to shop with Asos. According to a statement passed by Primark, the company wants to produce more durable clothes so that they can be recycled and can last longer without increasing the prices. It also said that it wants to pursue a living wage for workers in its supply chain. Currently, there are 397 stores, 14 countries, and 70,000 employees.

As per Paul Marchant, Chief Executive, Primark, sustainability shouldn't be priced at a premium which is affordable by only a minority of people. 

Source – BBC News

Image Source: Wikipedia

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