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California passes bill to protect garment workers

Sep 15, 2021
California passes bill to protect garment workers


California has passed a bill that requires apparel factories to pay garment workers an hourly wage and also aims to hold big businesses accountable for labour practices under their supervision. With this hourly wage system, the bill tries to ban the long-standing piece-rate system, as per a 2016 UCLA study. This will further allow employers to offer productivity-based incentives to workers.

This is also going to enable the workers to pull back the stolen wages from big fashion brands and there won’t be a need to run after the smaller garment factories which are hired by the larger companies so that the cost remains low.

Labour advocates, garment workers, and around 100 fashion businesses have endorsed the bill. They say that approximately 85% 85% of workers are illegally paid below the minimum wage, as per a survey conducted by the federal Department of Labour. According to the 2017 California law, it is mandatory that the workers should get the mentioned wages from a general contractor even if a subcontractor was the one who hired them. According to Marissa Nuncio, Director, Downtown L.A.’s Garment Worker Centre, the team is excited about this victory and feels that this wage theft concept ends soon. The team also feels that the exploitation that big brands have incentivized in the fashion industry should end soon.

According to the procedure, the bill will return to the state Senate for a final vote so that the amendments are approved that were added in the assembly.

Source – Yahoo Finance

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