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GeM Portal gets 1.5 Lakh weavers on board

Jul 27, 2021
GeM Portal gets 1.5 Lakh weavers on board

New Delhi

According to Darshana Jardosh, Minister of State for Textiles, around 1.5 Lakh weavers have been on-boarded on the Government e-Market place commonly known as GeM. This step has been taken so that the weavers and artisans on the GeM are able to sell their products to the government departments and organizations directly. The minister also said that 24 Greenfield parks have been completed under the Scheme for Integrated Textile Park (SITP).

She also said that this scheme has been initiated to generate employment opportunities, increase investment, and boost exports in the textile sector. She also threw light on the fact that Handloom Export Promotion Council (HEPC) has been organizing International Fairs in virtual form because due to the Covid-19 scenario, melas, exhibitions, and fairs cannot be conducted in person. This fair is going to facilitate marketing and sales of Handloom Products in the domestic and international markets.

Darshana also said that 12 handloom fairs were organized by HEPC in virtual form during the year 2020-21. The fairs are attracting a good amount of attention from both international and domestic business entities. It was also quoted that different parts of the country have held around 53 marketing events for the weavers so that they can easily sell and market their products.

Source – KNN India

Image Source: Wikipedia

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