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Fiery DFE, LED Inkjet Solutions at EFI Connect

Jan 23, 2019
Fiery DFE, LED Inkjet Solutions at EFI Connect

Printing, packaging and industrial manufacturing professionals from across the globe are converging on Wynn Las Vegas, learning new ways to advance their businesses at one of the world’s top print conferences, EFI™ Connect. The 20th annual Electronics For Imaging, Inc  users conference is providing valuable insights as well as news of important digital print technology innovations, including: A new, highly advanced FS350 platform for EFI Fiery® digital front ends (DFEs); A new Fiery proServer Premium DFE technology offering significantly faster processing on individual jobs for EFI superwide-format printers, and; EFI’s newest high-speed, premium-quality hybrid flatbed/roll-to-roll superwide-format LED printer, the VUTEk® h5.

Fiery FS350 Pro will drive new cut-sheet and continuous-feed digital production presses from EFI partners, as well as ultra-high-speed single-pass inkjet presses from EFI. It handles extended-gamut CMYK+ configurations and offers unique tools to save on speciality toners and inks, reducing waste while delivering amazing colour results on high-value print products.
Using the newest version of EFI Fiery Command WorkStation®, customers gain an intuitive and integrated user experience with a single shared interface for Fiery Driven™ digital equipment, including wide- and superwide-format inkjet printers and ultra-high-speed inkjet presses. New Fiery integrations with Duplo finishing devices offer automated cutting, slitting, creasing and spot coating workflows.
For superwide-format inkjet production on EFI printers, the newest-version EFI Fiery proServer Premium DFE launching at Connect uses GPU-accelerated FAST DRIVE technology to process individual jobs twice as fast on average, eliminating idle printer time so users can maximize their printer investments.
The high-volume, premium-quality EFI VUTEk h5 hybrid LED printer making its debut at EFI Connect is part of the VUTEk h series of devices that global EFI R&D teams developed from the ground up to establish new benchmarks for productivity and profit opportunity.