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Fashion Mega Trade Fair 2016 in Kolkata

Jul 25, 2016
Fashion Mega Trade Fair 2016 in Kolkata

The textile industry continues to be the second largest employment generating sector in India. West Bengal has a long history and tradition in textiles. The sector provides both indirect and direct employment to a large number of people, with the potential to be a major contributor to the Indian economic growth.

To spur this economic growth, The Ffuture Events-a leading Event & PR Management & Advertising House of Kolkata-in association with Freeman Apparel & Lifestyle plans to organise ‘Fashion Mega Trade Fair 2016’, which is a three-day event to be held from December 9 to 11, 2016 at Milan Mela Ground in Kolkata, India. TT Limited is one of our sponsors. This fair is supported by MSME & T (i.e, state government) and India Trade promotion organisation.

The theme of the event will be innovation, design and sustainability. This event will showcase exhibits from textile industry, hold buyers and sellers business meet, interactions among dealers, distributors, stockist, manufacturers, exporters and importers, etc. There will also be a Fashion Show followed by The Best Brand Awards 2016 for promoting a client’s brand. The main purpose of this fair is to highlight the importance of the textile sector in West Bengal’s economy and the opportunities the sector offers. The fair will highlight the impact of the textile sector in terms of output, exports and employment as the sector is a huge employment generator for both, skilled and unskilled labour and accounts for 11.4 per cent of India’s textile and apparel output.

The fair has niche opportunities in emerging areas such as technical textiles, investment opportunities in textile hubs, clusters and integrated textile parks. The fair will provide a platform whereby all segments of people can participate be it from weaver societies or from top multinational companies. It will also enhance the new artisans to showcase their products and skills.

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