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ESMA kicks-off digital printing course for textile

Dec 30, 2019
ESMA kicks-off digital printing course for textile

The European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA), an independent EU Authority that safeguards stability of EU’s financial system, has announced the first ESMA Academy course about digital printing for textile applications in cooperation with the German Institutes of Textiles and Fiber Research. The programme will take place from April 21-24, 2020 at DITF Denkendorf.

Participants at the programme will receive insights in the procedure of inkjet printing on textile materials and accompanying topics such as textile chemistry and pre-treatment, ink formulation, curing techniques, colour management and characterisation of textile materials and printing quality. In addition, the workflow in digital printing will be shown in a textile micro factory environment.

The practical training will be offered in small teams by ESMA and will highlight some of the topics that are discussed in the theoretical part. Participants will learn and exercise the workflow, and each required single step in digital printing on textiles. Each of the practical sessions will end with a question or task that is to be tackled by the teams in order to stimulate the assimilation of the subject matters.

This is the first of many new activities that we plan under the new textile division within ESMA. In a longer term our goal is to create a united community focused on improving and guiding changes in the textile printing industry. The focus lies on areas such as sustainability, standardisation, colour management and regulations.