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Epson designs new dye-sublimation textile printer

Sep 09, 2020
Epson designs new dye-sublimation textile printer

Epson America has unveiled its first 76-inch industrial-level dye-sublimation solution – the SureColor F10070. Providing reliability, versatility and round-the-clock productivity at a low cost, the SureColor F10070 is purposed to meet the evolving needs of the textile industry and support the expansion of textile sourcing and production in the US.

Featuring four 4.7-inch PrecisionCore printheads and a new hot-swappable ink system, the printer delivers continuous roll-to-roll performance at production speeds up to 2,700 square feet per hour. An ideal solution for print shops looking to fulfil large orders, it consistently produces high-quality, bright textiles for fashion, sports apparel, home décor, and soft signage.

"This year we've seen a need for businesses to alter production plans to better accommodate smaller orders and quicker turnaround times to meet changing consumer demands," said Tim Check, senior product manager, Professional Imaging, Epson America. "The new high-performance SureColor F10070 provides an efficient and cost-effective dye-sublimation solution for print shops looking to produce medium to large high-quality apparel runs and bid on incoming textile orders from businesses that sell direct to consumer. Moreover, the SureColor F10070 supports onshoring production needs in today's marketplace to help shorten lead times, decrease costs and streamline workflows."

The SureColor F10070 comes equipped with an array of industrial-level features to maximise productivity and support continuous production. New user-replaceable 4.7-inch PrecisionCore printheads deliver high-productivity with extreme drop placement accuracy for sharp detail, bright colours and outstanding print quality. Leveraging renowned UltraChrome DS ink technology, the SureColor F10070 is the first Epson printer to feature a hot-swappable ink system that automatically switches from an empty ink pack to a new ink pack mid-print for uninterrupted printing. The new ink system reduces overall ink cost by over 50 per cent and allows for longer print runs without user intervention. Touting a redesigned 9-inch touchscreen control panel, SureColor F10070 operators can see the image printing, monitor print, paper, and ink status, as well as understand environmental conditions for optimised print performance.

Designed for demanding industrial environments, the SureColor F10070 includes a new air filtration system and supports an advanced auto-paper tension control and fabric head wiper system to clean media and remove dust prior to printing. In addition, a new compact media dryer includes a front and underside heater reaching temperatures up to 230-degrees and 122-degree Fahrenheit, respectfully, to ensure full-speed print performance in a space saving design.

SureColor F10070 includes the new Epson Edge workflow software featuring an Adobe PostScript 3 engine for powerful colour management and seamless workflow integration. In addition, the SureColor F10070 is one of the first Epson printers compatible with Epson's new production-management Cloud Solution Port, providing an operational dashboard view of a production line with cloud-based printer fleet reporting.