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ELGi AB ‘Always Better’ series wins award

Oct 16, 2019
ELGi AB ‘Always Better’ series wins award

Elgi Equipments recently won the 2019 CII Design Awards. The ELGi AB ‘Always Better’ series, a disruption in oil-free compressed air technology, won the CII Design Excellence Award in the Industrial Design, capital goods category. The CII Design Excellence Awards, endorsed by the India Design Council, acknowledge and celebrate design and innovation in India, while aiming to create new paradigms of design and promoting a unique amalgamation of traditional and contemporary design.

Commenting on the win, Dr Varadaraj said “At ELGi, design thinking is at the core of effective strategy development and organisational change. We believe that innovation has evolved from being engineering focused to design focused and from product centricity to customer centricity. The ELGi AB ‘Always Better’ series is a disruption in Oil free compressed air technology, offering customers a no-compromise, oil free solution at approximately 8to 10 per cent reduced lifecycle costs when compared with prevailing oil free technology. With significantly lower maintenance and ease of use, customers will also be assured of reliable, high air purity for sensitive industry applications. From a design perspective, the AB series is customer centric and reflects our focus on product aesthetics, design and innovation.”

With a clean, rectangular form, the AB Series oil free screw air compressor is largely defined by its functional parts. A filleted corner on the front face distinguishes the user interface from the rest of the air compressor. The canopy is designed to be symmetrical with azure blue panels replicating the colour of water, signifying the underlying oil free technology. This year, over forty six products were shortlisted and exhibited at the CII Design Summit held in Goa. The products were judged across criteria ranging from innovation, user friendliness, aesthetics, coherence and sustainability, by a jury comprising of several eminent personalities from the design fraternity in India.

ELGi is a pioneer in cutting edge compressed air technology, offering a complete range of compressed air solutions from oil-lubricated and oil-free rotary screw compressors, oil-lubricated and oil-free reciprocating compressors and centrifugal compressors to dryers, filters and downstream accessories. With state of the art manufacturing units and a product portfolio of 400+ compressed air systems, ELGi redefines reliability, efficiency and cost-effectiveness across installations all over the world.