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Dr Karnik pens book on pigments

Dec 14, 2016
Dr Karnik pens book on pigments

Dr Ashok B Karnik has penned a book, titled, “Essentials of Pigments – Application & Selection”, which incorporates the latest information on pigments and practitioners who depend on it as a working tool. The book is designed as a reference book for the users intending to incorporate the pigments in their formulations. Attempt has been made to highlight various aspects of pigments influencing the performance in the end-products related to the pigments. 

The book is claimed to be useful for manufacturers of paint, printing inks, polymer master-batch, and pigments, and also for R&D, pigment marketing, students of dyestuff, paint, printing ink, and polymer technology and related fields. Contents of the book include important properties of the pigments and surface treatment of the pigments; parameters of the pigments and their influence on the application properties; the pigmentation technology and various techniques involved for the variation of pigment properties starting from the raw-materials through the various stages of the manufacturing up to the final shipping stage.

Complete report in ITJ January 2017 issue.