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Dilo Group receives orders for web-forming

Jun 04, 2021
Dilo Group receives orders for web-forming


Zhejiang Huajiang Science and Technology Co., Ltd has placed an order with the Dilo Group for the web-forming and needling line to process glass and polypropylene fibre.

It is seen that investments in nonwoven production lines are being done due to recovery in the automotive sector. The order placed with the Dilo Group will help in a state-of-the-art fibre preparation system, web-forming, carding and cross lapping, and needling units. DiloTemafa has offered fibre preparation for processing glass fibres in the most efficient way. It has also adopted special requirements to provide homogeneous blends with PP.

Baltromix is a blending system that uses highly precise weighing pans in order to provide appropriately dosed fibre material on the apron. This material is further opened and blended in a carding willow. The DiloGroup uses this carding willow in most of its complete line Installations. It is considered the most successful tool to open and blending tasks. The final blending in small chambers is also done using this tool.

In order to save fibre material, DiloTemafa also uses the recycling of quality fibre in many of its installations. This recycled fibre is derived from the whole process which is pulled out at many stations during the fibre preparation and web-forming system.

DiloGroup air system engineering department has designed a drum filter or bag filter station for de-dusting the machines.  The company also has Installations for fibre transport and for fibre recycling. These installations come with re-opened edge trim material obtained from the needling station. How efficient the whole line processing of the mineral fibre will be is directly proportional to how efficiently the de-dusting of all machine components is taking place.

The de-dusting is done from the bale opening through needling. The fancy roller is a part of the system at the card. The company works with a wide range of customers and card wire suppliers who offer wire systems for processing mineral fibres successfully.

To obtain efficiency in work, this expertise is used to prolong the intervals for cleaning stops at the needle loom. Hence, blowing nozzles that are used to clean the perforated stripper, plates, and bed plates are installed inside the needle loom. The dust is collected at the filter station.

Dilo lines are equipped with an elaborate air system and all the necessary components used for fibre transport, dust transport, and the transport of recycled fibres.

Source – Press Release

Image Source: Press of "Dilo Group"

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