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Datatex, LLC Afrasiab Jeans collaborate

Nov 10, 2020
Datatex, LLC Afrasiab Jeans collaborate

Datatex is proud to begin a collaboration with the new customer LLC Afrasiab Jeans Textile, in Uzbekistan. LLC Afrasiab Jeans Textile, part of the big Siyob Group, is the first jeans manufacturer in central Asia to import and export its product in the world.

LLC Afrasiab Jeans Textile has been established in 1997 with a high level of diversification of its activities. In fact, it has its own orchards, to gather raw materials, seven processing plants, and also logistic platforms. This company is specialised in the production and distribution of denim fabrics, starting from the initial spinning process to the creation of the final product, always checking every emission and waste.

LLC Afrasiab Jeans Textile produces 2,000,000 linear meters of fabric in a month and 3000 tonnes of yarns, so they need technical support to keep everything under control. They will be using Datatex fabric inspection and optimisation solution (CATS), which will enhance and optimise the quality of the final product. Indeed, a huge benefit of CATS is the real-time mapping of defects and piece cut optimisation.

With CATS, LLC Afrasiab Jeans Textile will be able to deliver better quality fabrics, with fewer defects and 100 per cent accuracy. Datatex is looking forward to this new project that will create new market opportunities in Uzbekistan and will support the innovation process in textile mills.