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Cotton monitoring system in Pakistan

Jun 05, 2017
Cotton monitoring system in Pakistan

The Agriculture Department of Pakistan’s Punjab Province has launched a cotton crop monitoring system to safeguard cotton crop from pests. About 6 million acres of land will be under cotton cultivation in Punjab with the production target of 10 million cotton bales for 2017-18. The Pakistan Government has set a target of producing 14.04 million bales of cotton.

The newly-introduced system will help cotton growers identify the presence of cotton pests through information technology. Further, this system will also help the cotton growers across the province with advanced solutions to protect the crop from pests while improving cotton productivity. The information will be shared to the cotton growers via online with the help of Punjab Information Technology Board.

To encourage the cotton growers, various competitions will also be organised in the province of Punjab. The winners will also be rewarded for their outstanding performance.??