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Composites for main markets in Asia

May 31, 2017
Composites for main markets in Asia

JEC Asia is on the threshold of 10 years. In November of this year, not only does it transfer the composites exhibition to Seoul for the first time, but it will also highlight the composites industry in End-Users Markets, such as the development of materials for Transportation (including Automotive & Aeronautics), renewable energies, Building & Construction, Electrical & Electronic Equipment (EEE) or again Sports & Leisure.

JEC Asia is the annual grand occasion for composites industries in Asia. Every year thousands of professionals and more than 200 companies from more than 45 countries across Asia-Pacific come together in this place creating innumerable business opportunities.   “In 2016, Asia represented 43 per cent of the global Composites Market in value, ie, $35,26 Bn. This important market needs to be addressed in accordance with its needs and specificities. For instance, in volume, Asia accounts for 27 per cent of the global weight of Composite use in EEE; if we add China, this figure rises to 66 per cent of the world usage in Kilo Tons. Thanks to our partnerships with Asians clusters, government and Industries, and also thanks to our permanent office in Singapore, we are stronger in bringing dedicated content and solutions to Composites professionals in Asia or interested in the Asian markets.” Comments Frédérique Mutel, JEC Group President & CEO. “Besides, JEC Asia steering committee is mainly composed of Asian academics, industrialists and officials to make sure that the November event will perfectly fit current and future interest for this region”, she adds.

For the first time, JEC Asia will be hosting the 12th  International Carbon Festival, the Symposium on Carbon Materials and Composite Technologies. “The synergies of our events will ensure strong participation of Korean companies and institutions but also, thanks to our decade working in the region, we are confident we will attract an international crowd from other Asian countries but also Europe and America. Our networking solutions will gather them and boost their business” says Christian Strassburger, JEC Group Asia Director.