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CMAI to undertake Size India Project

Jan 22, 2019
CMAI to undertake Size India Project

The Clothing Manufacturers Association of India (CMAI) and its family of over 3500 Manufacturers and 45000 retailers spanning from Shillong to Srinagar and Surat to Salem heartily welcomes the announcement of the Size India Project by the Minister of Textiles, Smriti Zubin Irani.

Retail is one of the driving forces that is propelling India’s economic surge in recent Years.  Its total size is approximately $820 billion, and its Share in India’s GDP is 28 per cent.  Apparel retail is one of the important drivers of modern retail, with its total size estimated to be approximately $72 billion. Retail, and more so Apparel Retail, is thus playing a vital role in transforming India into a major economic super power in the coming years.

Rahul Mehta, President stated that It is CMAI’s proud privilege to work with the Ministry of Textiles and Govt of India to undertake this Project. It will provide immense benefit to the consumers by getting standardized sizes, far better fitting clothes, and avoiding wrong and wasteful purchases. It will benefit the manufacturers, retailers, and brands by eliminating consumer returns and wasteful inventory. Mehta also stated that this will also help them reduce overall prices which again benefits the consumers. It will help in increasing investment in the industry by improving returns, and increase consumption as a result of more satisfied consumers.  It will help us to increase our exports by offering Indian sizes to the Indian diaspora across the world.

CMAI congratulated the Minister of Textiles for taking this historic step which will put the indian industry on par with all the developed countries like US, UK, EU, etc which have provided its consumers with the facility of having a standard size.