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bluesign® FINDER: Easy entry to chemical management

Aug 01, 2019
bluesign® FINDER: Easy entry to chemical management

The world’s first and most comprehensive positive chemical products list is available for free. Now you can access bluesign® APPROVED chemical products and accelerate your chemical change management.

What is the bluesign® FINDER?: The bluesign® FINDER was established in 2002 for implementing active chemical management in the textile industry. It exists as a web-based, advanced search engine for manufacturers containing bluesign® APPROVED chemical products that meet the bluesign® CRITERIA and therefore the highest level of chemical product verification. It also contains all important information needed to implement these products in compliance with the bluesign® SYSTEM. This most comprehensive positive list of chemical products is always up to date and provides relevant information to minimize risks for people and the environment as well as improve consumer safety. The bluesign® FINDER is the easy solution for managing a responsible chemical sourcing.

As a web-based search engine for finding bluesign® APPROVED chemical products online, including an advanced search for chemical products and chemical supplier information, the bluesign® FINDER assists one in finding better alternatives in order to responsibly produce textile materials.
The bluesign® FINDER guarantees the highest verification level based on a scientific full-risk assessment including hazard considerations of all substances and an extensive exposure scenario risk analysis directed to processes and applications. The web-based application reduces the risks and impacts to people and the environment within factories and assures compliance to global requirements on a safe production.

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